Health and Safety Guidelines

As an event organiser you are responsible for planning and managing risk at your event by taking all reasonably practicable steps to deliver a healthy and safe environment, and therefore enjoyable event experience. 

You have a legal responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) to ensure the health and safety of all event participants, spectators, event staff, contractors, subcontractors, volunteers and other event delivery participants such as sponsors, and any persons legally entitled to be at or in the vicinity of the event site. 

To get approval to hold your event on Council-owned public open space, your documentation needs to demonstrate you have considered health and safety as part of your event planning.  To assist you with writing your plan, council has developed an Event health and safety guideline and optional tools to use as below:

Event health and safety guidelines

This guide is to help you understand Council’s expectations of event organisers, and to support you in developing an event operations plan that documents how you plan to deliver a healthy and safe event environment.

Event health and safety guidelines

Event Health and Safety Plan Template

This template can be used to document your health and safety planning by integrating health and safety throughout your event plan. It’s intended that this sits alongside your other event plans such as marketing etc.

Event operations plan template

Your Council event facilitator will assist you with which template (or a version of) might be more suitable for your event, depending on its level of impact.  You are welcome to create your own plan, however Council will require to be satisfied that all risks associated with your event are considered and managed. All elements outlined in the Event safety guidelines relevant to your event will need to be covered in your plan to obtain approval for your event to take place.

Public liability insurance

This is an insurance policy held by an organiser of an activity. It provides the organiser with some protection if a third party brings an action against the organiser or when there is a risk of damage. Without such a policy the organiser would be personally liable. 

Public liability insurance will also be important when the organiser has indemnified the Council, and a third party makes a claim against us.

For further information contact an insurance broker.

Damage bond

If you are holding your event in a Council-owned venue, you may need to pay a bond to cover the potential costs of repairing any damage or for reinstatement if the area is not left in the way it was found. The bond amount will depend on the area you are using and the scale of activities you are undertaking.

Safety vests

Did you know you can hire high visability safety vests from us for street events? Contact us for more information.