Temporary road closure for an event

A temporary road closure is required when you would like to use the closed road as a venue for your event. Sometimes a temporary road closure is necessary so that crowds and traffic associated with the event can be safely managed. 


Event organisers must apply to the Council for a temporary road closure a minimum of 65 working days before the event. This is to ensure compliance with the Local Government Act and the Transport (Vehicular Traffic Road Closure) Regulations. 

Event organisers are also required to work alongside the Council to ensure all requirements to hold the event have been met. This includes gaining any Council permits in relation to the event as well as ensuring that sufficient plans are in place for the management of parking, crowds, rubbish, health and safety and insurance. 

Approval of any temporary road closure application is subject to the applicant meeting certain criteria and various conditions which are based on the Council’s Temporary Road Closure and Disruption to Traffic Policy and Guidelines. 


If you are planning an event that requires a temporary road closure, please submit a brief outline of your plan to enquiries@npdc.govt.nz.

We will arrange a time with you to talk through your proposal and discuss the temporary road closure process.

Following your event proposal meeting you will be required to complete and submit the following documentation:

Road closures are publicly notified under the News and Notices section of our website.


Application fee for 2021/22: $770 per temporary road closure. 

The event organiser is responsible for covering costs of the Traffic Management Plan (TMP), the required public notification about the road closure and all other event-related costs.