On-road event

Approval for an on-road event is required when you are planning an event that will take place on a road or footpath and the area can remain open for other users. Approval may also include events that require participants to cross the road or use the footpath. A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) will be required for on-road events. 

Examples of an on-road event include triathlons, fun run/walks, cycle races and parades.


To hold an on-road event please complete and submit the following form and required supporting documentation within a minimum of 28 days prior to the event.

Event organisers must provide the Council with a TMP, evidence of public liability insurance and a Health and Safety plan. It is the event organisers responsibility for management of the event. This includes the supply of marshalls, plans to manage waste, parking and noise and communication to affected people.   


The event organiser is responsible for the costs of the TMP, any public notice (if required) and all other event-related costs.