Event traffic management

Event traffic management is used to create a safe environment for road users at a time when traffic and pedestrian numbers are high. It may also include handling of temporary parking restrictions, bus access, taxis and people with limited mobility.

Examples of events requiring traffic management are concerts, markets and community events held in a park or reserve.   


To have traffic management in place during your event, please complete and submit the following form and required supporting documents within a minimum of 28 days prior to the event. 

If your event is at a Council venue, an application for event traffic management will be in addition to any agreement to hire the venue.

Event organisers must provide the Council with a Traffic Management Plan (TMP), evidence of public liability insurance and a Health and Safety plan. It is the event organisers responsibility for management of the event. This includes the supply of marshalls, plans to manage waste, parking and noise and communication to affected people.


The event organiser is responsible for covering costs of the TMP and all other event-related costs.