Events on the road and footpath

If you are planning an event or activity on the road or footpath you will need to gain permission from the Council first. 

To request Council permission please contact and provide the following event information:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Organisers contact details

Once details of your event are received, Council will check for other known activities that may need to be considered alongside your event. We will then contact you to discuss the approval process. 

Types of approval

The type of approval required may vary depending on the event. It could include the full closure of roads, holding activities on the road while it remains open to traffic or safely managing crowds and traffic for an event. 

Click the tiles below for more information on types of approval. 

Will I need a Traffic Management Plan? 

A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is a compulsory document that is required for any event on the road, berm or footpath. This is in addition to any other associated paperwork for the event. 

It is the event organisers responsibility to arrange and cover the costs of a TMP as part of gaining Council approvals associated with the event. Further information on TMPs can be found on our Traffic Management Plan page. 

Will I need a Health and Safety Plan? 

Event organisers are also responsible for health and safety at the event and are required to provide the Council with a health and safety plan. Further guidance on event health and safety can be found on our Health and Safety Guidelines page.

Planning work that is not an event? 

If your activity on the road, berm or footpath is not associated with an event, you may require approval from the Council before the activity can commence. 

Some examples of other activities on the road, berm or footpath that requires Council permits are shown below. 

Creating an on-street dining area outside a premises
You may require an encroachment licence.

  • Policy
  • Application information 

Placing an obstruction on the footpath e.g. scaffolding, a shipping container or a scissor lift
You may require an obstruction permit.

Planning to dig in a street, footpath, berm or 'paper road' administered by the Council
You may require a Corridor Access Request.