Coordinating Volunteer Events

We can help you obtain the relevant Council-permissions and consents to hold your event (e.g. beach clean up) in one of our public spaces, facilities, park reserves or on our streets.

We can also help you with selecting the appropriate venue for your event and can advise on what features that venue may have (e.g. power, water and barbecues, etc). Please note, some activities or events are not permitted at certain locations.

Step one - event and venue

Contact us to discuss your event and venue availability. You will need to provide detailed information including:

  • The background of the event.
  • Date (including wet weather alternatives).
  • Time and duration.
  • Location and meeting point.
  • Expected numbers.
  • First aid kit location.
  • Number of gloves and bags (if required).
  • Rubbish drop off point (note rubbish must be located in or next to Council rubbish bins and in an area easily accessible for a small truck).

Step two - complete site hazards and control form

After discussing your event and venue we will send out a site hazards form for you to complete and return to us.

Step three - communicating site hazards

We will assess (and add to if necessary) and approve the site hazards and controls form and return it to you. You, as the event organiser must communicate all hazards and controls to participants prior to the start of the event. Any further equipment such as bags and gloves will be available for pick up or delivered to you as negotiated.

Step four - Council induction

If deemed necessary, a Council Officer will meet with all participants on the day of the event and induct the volunteers to the site by reiterating all hazards and controls before the event gets underway.