Consents Licences and Consultation

The approvals that you may need to apply for will depend on the activities that are part of your event. Please contact us to set up a case management meeting to work out exactly what approvals you need to get. Complete this form or email to arrange a meeting.


This is just a guide. Please contact us to set up a case management meeting.

Type of application Timeframe
(working days)
Application form
Price (2017/18)
Road closure Min. 50 days Yes $532
Traffic management plan Est. $200 - $500
Advertising Est. $300
Street banner 20 days Yes $88.80 + $13* per week (as applicable)
Marches / parade 20 days Yes $112.50*
Food stalls 60 days Yes $75
Special licence and building
consent (marquee)
20 days Yes $310
Building consent 20 days Yes $270
Resource consent 20 days Yes as applicable
Amusement devices 5 days Yes $11.50
Pavement activities 5 days No fee
Parking bay reservations Same day $12.00 per 1/2 day, $24.00 whole day.

* Does not apply for registered charities or non-profit incorporated societies.

Temporary event resource consent

If your event is held outdoors (but not on roads), primarily for entertainment, does not involve the construction of permanent buildings and is for three days or less then you will need to apply for a temporary event resource consent.

Even if your event doesn't meet these criteria, it may trigger other District Plan rules and a resource consent may still be required.

Good behaviour bond: This is required to cover the costs of Council monitoring that may be required during your event. This includes the set up and take down periods. If there are no justified complaints then your bond will be repaid in full. Examples of complaints that may cause loss of bond include excessive noise, insanitary conditions and traffic and transport complaints. 

Please note, any breach of your resource consent conditions may result in enforcement action under the RMA, including infringement notices or prosecution.

Food stalls 

If you intend to sell food you may require a stall licence. Food handler guidance will be provided and conditions may be set (e.g. provisions of handwashing facilities). Allow 60 days for the licence to be approved.

It is preferable that you use traders who are approved by the Council and/or have a current food/hygiene registration.

Alcohol licences

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act requires anyone selling or supplying alcohol to the public (e.g. in outdoor spaces, community halls, etc) to have a special licence. 

Building consents

Marquees and grandstands greater than 50m² or any stage or seating structure higher than 1m requires a building consent. 

A site plan and construction details will be required (these are usually available from the hire company). A building consent takes up to 20 working days to issue, and an inspection will be required before using the structure.

Waste management plan

A waste management plan may be required if your event has a high waste content (e.g. mailers, food stalls, give-aways or large scale catering) or is in a sensitive area.

The plan should describe the kind of waste that will be on site and what methods will be used to contain and remove it (e.g. the number of bins, and any temporary toilet and shower facilities will require a cleaning plan).

Amusement devices

If you plan to have amusement devices at your event then you must apply for permission to operate an amusement device. You will need to apply for this at least five working days prior to the event. Permission is also required if the device is to be operated on Council land.


An approved operator is required for commercial fireworks. They must obtain a permit from the Labour Department and provide a health and safety plan.

Fire permits

Fire permits are not normally required for fireworks unless there is a restricted fire season in place, in which case an application to us is required. Allow two working days for your application to be processed. If a prohibited fire season is in place then no permit will be issued.

If the location of the fire is within 1km of Department of Conservation (DOC) land (e.g. Egmont National Park) then a fire permit from DOC will be required. Phone DOC on 06-759 0350.


If your event is likely to attract large crowds or if it involves amplified sound or road closures, traffic control or parking restrictions, you will need to consult with nearby business and/or residents as it may affect access to properties for residents, workers and customers.

The best way to communicate the details of your event to those who may be affected by it is to deliver a letter to all the residents and businesses within the impact area. The letter should include:

  • The name of the event.
  • The name of the organiser. 
  • The general nature of the activity. 
  • The duration of the activity including set-up and pack down periods.
  • The organiser's contact details before and on the day of the event (including mobile phone numbers).