Temporary Signs

Temporary Signs

The District Plan allows a property to display a single “temporary sign” not exceeding 3m2 in area or 2.4m high.  A “temporary sign” may be double sided (backed).

Purpose of a Temporary Sign

Advertising on a temporary sign is restricted to:

  • Advising of a forthcoming community event, occasion or service which is primarily a not-for-profit, event, organisation or service.
  • Electioneering.
  • Identifying a construction site or a development under construction.
  • Notifying the availability of land and/or premises for sale or lease.
  • Advising of a resource consent application.

Temporary sign entitlements cannot be used for general advertising.

Siting of a Temporary Sign

Temporary signs cannot be sited on public land or utilities. This includes reserves, roads, bridges and utility poles and boxes in those areas. Signs fixed or painted on a parked vehicle or trailer used primarily for advertising purposes rather than transportation cannot be located on or fixed to any public land or utility.

The sign may be located either on-site or on another site unrelated to the signs purpose, and be freestanding or attached to a building. 

Where temporary signs are sited on public land or buildings they are likely to be removed at the cost of the business or party on whose behalf the signs were erected. Infringement fines may apply in serious or repeated non-compliance situations.

Duration of Display

Temporary signs may be displayed for up to 12 months and must be removed from display within the seven days following the event or after the sign has completed its purpose.

District Plan Rules applying to Temporary Signs

Signs on vehicles - signs mounted on parked trailers or parked vehicles on roads or public places are prohibited unless their bona fide and predominant use is for transport.

Minimum lettering size - where any sign is intended to attract the attention of motorists the minimum lettering size is 120mm in any area where the speed limit is less than 70km per hour and 160mm in other areas. 

Proximity and Visibility

Signs in areas where the speed limit is 70km per hour or more must be located at least 0.6m x the posted speed limit from another advertising sign and present an unrestricted view for at least 160m. 

Building Consent

A building consent is usually required for the construction, installation, replacement or structural alteration of a sign whether free standing or attached to a building or other structure.

However, no building consent is required if the sign has been designed by a chartered professional engineer or if the sign’s surface area is less than 6m² and it is less than 3m high above the ground.