Beauty Therapy, Tattooing and Skin Piercing

Health and Hygiene licence

Beauty therapy, tattooing and skin piercing businesses need to have a Health and Hygiene licence to operate. The licence is non-transferrable to another person or another premises.

The bylaw for beauty therapy, tattooing and skin piercing is in place to promote and protect public health. This reduces the risk of injury and infection for both operators and customers. You can find all the information relating to operating these businesses in the  Beauty Therapy, Tattooing and Piercing Bylaw

Applying for a licence

Complete the application form and submit it to us.

We will review your application and we may inspect your premises. A licence will only be issued after payment is received.

Fees and charges

The annual registration fee for 2021/22 is $151 and inspections (if required) will be charged out at $153 per hour. 

Ongoing checks

To ensure safe hygiene practices are met and minimum standards of health are maintained, our Environmental Health Team will perform ongoing checks on licensed premises that need inspection. Officers may arrive at any reasonable time (Section 128 of the Health Act 1956) and are not required to make an appointment prior to the visit. This means you can expect a visit any time while you are operating.

Licence renewal

Your licence must be renewed every year.  

New premises

If you are setting up a new business you will need to work with other areas of the Council to ensure you meet all the relevant health and building regulations. For more information on building consents and regulations see Commercial Building Consents. All building consents will need to be complete before you can apply for a Health and Hygiene Licence. If you need assistance or advice with setting up a new business please contact us.