Commercial Rubbish and Recycling

Rubbish collection

Industrial and commercial premises are not rated for recycling and rubbish collection and so do not receive a Council-managed service.

Please contact a private refuse collector to arrange the collection of your rubbish and recycling. In some circumstances  your waste may be collected during the residential collection. Please contact us.


Solid Waste Licence

Under the Solid Waste Bylaw anyone involved in the collection, transportation or disposal of waste must be licensed by us.

Licensing operators enables us to collect information about the types of waste being disposed of. This will help us implement the requirements of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008, particularly having data to feed into the development and review of the Waste Management and Minimisation Plan.

The licence may also enable us to regulate some of operators practices, for example collection times.

Who needs to apply for a licence?

Any organisation that collects, transports or disposes of:

  • Waste in excess of 10 tonnes per annum (excluding hazardous waste).
  • Any hazardous waste.
  • Diverted materials, such as recyclables and green waste, in excess of 10 tonnes per annum.

And organisations that operate a disposal facility, resource recovery facility, landfill site, clean fill site, managed fill site or mono-fill site.

Licences can be granted for up to five years, but are reviewed annually.

When is a licence not required?

A solid waste licence is not required when the land is used for the disposal of the clean fill material sourced directly from that land or the fill consists solely of:

  • Hardfill that is natural or uncontaminated or cover material, or both; or
  • Not more than 30m³, or such greater amount as the Council may approve, of other hardfill materials measured over any continuous 12 month period.


Have an idea for a tangible project that can help reduce waste in our district? Apply for our twice-yearly Waste Levy Fund. Find more information on the criteria, application process and upcoming funding round dates on our Waste Levy Fund page. 

Hazardous waste

Companies are required to contract a private waste company to collect and dispose of their hazardous waste. 

Commercial volumes of hazardous waste may be taken to the New Plymouth Transfer Station for disposal. Charges apply.


Asbestos bags can be purchased from the Civic Centre (Liardet Street, New Plymouth) for $4.60 each. Please contact us to organise disposal.

View the Worksafe website for information on identifying and testing for asbestos

    Miscellaneous items

    Items such as metal, tyres, batteries and appliances can be recycled or disposed of at commercial recyclers. Check out Zero Waste Taranaki's A - Z Zero Waste Directory.


    Commercial and industrial operators can reduce their waste volumes by recycling all specified recyclable products at the New Plymouth Transfer Station. Our waste facilities in Inglewood, Okato, Waitara and Tongaporutu are designed for domestic waste volumes only. Alternatively, contact a private refuse collection company to provide a recycling collection service.


    Commercial e-waste can be recycled at the New Plymouth Transfer Station, Colson Road. Phone 06-758 7601. Open 7 days, 8am-4.30pm. Charges apply.

    Minimise commercial waste

    Want to minimise the waste your company or business generates? Contact our Waste Minimisation Officer at or 06-759 6060