Resource Wise Business Programme

Become Business Waste Champions!

See how reducing waste to landfill can benefit your business.

The Resource Wise Business Programme (RWB) is a free behaviour change programme designed to help businesses reduce waste to landfill over a four year period. We work together to help improve how your business manages resources.

The RWB programme has the benefit of annual waste audits and a detailed waste report, tailored actions for your organisation and support to engage your team in behaviour change. Participants also receive an achievement level to promote their waste reduction performance. 

Reduce waste and save money

Resource Wise Business helps you implement practices that may lead to cost savings in consumables costs, as well as waste bills.

Improve employee satisfaction in the workplace

Employees are motivated by working for companies that take active steps to reduce waste and improve sustainability.

Stand out from your competitors

Customers increasingly want to support businesses that are doing their part for the environment.

Be recognised as an environmental leader

Resource Wise businesses receive branding and recognition which they can use for promotion. Or become a case study so we can share your success with others!

Enhance your brand

For many resource Wise businesses, improving resource efficiency aligns with business goals.

Conserve resources and protect the environment

Find ways to reduce the use of resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing waste to landfill.


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The Resource Wise Business Programme (RWB) is a free programme designed to help businesses reduce waste to landfill.

Register your interest below and a Commercial Waste Minimisation Officer will get in touch and let you know when we are ready to hold the next introductory workshop. 

The workshop provides businesses with an understanding of how the Resource Wise programme works, the support and resources available, and the commitment required by each business. 

Businesses are then advised to take this information back to their organisation and decide together whether they would like to join the programme. 

For more information about the programme contact us on 06-759 6060 or to find out more.