Business Waste Reduction

Reducing and better managing waste is a key part of doing business. You can achieve a range of benefits for your business like:

  • reducing costs
  • enhancing your brand
  • attracting customers and winning business,
  • being able to compete for and retain engaged employees. 

NPDC can support you to find ways to reduce waste. Finding practical solutions to help the commercial sector is a key focus for us in working towards our Zero Waste goal. 

To find out how we can help get in touch with us at or phone 06 759 6060.

How We Can Help

Contact us by email or phone for help with any of the following.

Receive on-site support
Make a time to meet with us face to face or over the phone to discuss how you can get started in understanding and reducing your waste.

Find out about out free business waste programme

This free behaviour-change programme is designed to help businesses reduce waste to landfill over a four-year period.

Waste Stream advice
We can help find a solution to a waste stream problem.


We have resources that can help get you started on your waste reduction journey and answer commonly asked questions.