Making a Submission on a Resource Consent

There is a 20-working day period following public notification for written submissions to be sent to us. Use this form to make a submission.

A submission can support, object, or a mixture of both, to parts of or the entire proposal.

The Resource Management Act (RMA) requires that a submission must be in writing and must contain the following information:

  • The reason for the submission.
  • Whether you support or oppose the application.
  • The decision you wish us to make.
  • Whether or not you wish to speak at a hearing (if you do not indicate this, you may not be invited to the hearing).
  • The conditions you would like to see imposed on the consent if it is granted.
  • Your name, postal address and phone number.

Send your submission to us and a copy to the applicant. We will acknowledge receipt of your submission. You may then be invited to participate in a pre-hearing meeting.

Tips for writing submissions 

  • Focus on the points that are the most important. Make it clear which parts of the application you are referring to (if possible, refer to a specific section or part of the application).
  • Be specific. Submissions should be relevant to the application and the environmental issues relating to the resource consent application.
  • Clearly explain how you might be affected, and how those effects should be managed. The submission can relate only to environmental effects, and not to trade competition effects.
  • Suggest alternatives to the proposed approach, giving reasons why the alternatives are more appropriate.

What next?

When the period for making submissions is finished a date is set for a pre-hearing or hearing meeting.