The small Taranaki town experiencing big changes

26 July 2018

Inglewood is on the rise. This small Taranaki town is enjoying prosperous times with its house values rising five per cent from this time last year. 

New builds are increasing in value too, with the 13 building consents issues in the 2017/2018 financial year averaging a cost of $420,000 per build, up from $340,000 in the previous year. 
To support this growth and help make the Inglewood lifestyle even more appealing NPDC is investing in the town’s parks and community facilities. 

“We’ve already seen how NPDC is committed to developing the Joe Gibbs and PG Nops reserves into beautiful parks as well as other improvements like the Festive Lights and Windsor Walkway. Our population is growing and we’re listening to our community, empowering them to decide their own future by giving organisations the security to plan ahead and develop at their own pace,” says Councillor and local resident Marie Pearce.

NPDC’s support for the town includes:

A $500,000 spruce up for the Inglewood Town hall, this was supported by Taranaki Electricity Trust (TET) grants and allows the hall to serve the community for another century.

Jubilee Park is getting a new playground and landscaping with $85,000 from NPDC, $83,000 from TET and $40,000 from NZCT. NPDC is investing a further $80,000 to improve the park’s sports fields. The park is also getting a state-of-the-art $260,000 skatepark with funding from NPDC and a $60,000 TSB grant. 

$1 per year ground leases have helped secure homes for the town’s Plunket rooms and squash club.

We have helped the local Lions Club with its plans for a mini-putt course in the park by granting them a $1 ground lease.

Inglewood’s soccer and cricket teams are to buy their Karo Park clubrooms off NPDC for $1 and will pay a $1 ground lease.

To support the Scouts and Guides we are leasing their buildings to the groups for 1 per cent of the value.

A new path and seating in Trimble Park now offers the perfect panorama of the historic town thanks to $62,500 of funding. 

Plunket Room - Inglewood
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