Draft District Plan Approved for Public Comment

07 October 2016

The public will soon be able to have their say on what New Plymouth District Council’s District Plan should look like.

At today’s (Friday) Council meeting, the Draft District Plan was considered by the Council. The next phase will be to seek public comment, which District Planning Lead Juliet Johnson says will be the midway-point in the District Plan review process.

The District Plan provides guidance and rules on how land is developed and used, and Mrs Johnson says the Council has so far been working with stakeholders on its development.

“We now want to test the concepts within the draft plan with the wider community,” she says.

“It’s an opportunity to discuss issues at this early phase and consider pragmatic solutions before we release the Proposed District Plan next year for formal consultation. We’re interested in feedback so we can shape the directions and start working on more detailed rules and zoning responses.

“This draft plan is a comprehensive document with a lot of aspects to it. Most people in the district will be interested in or affected by the District Plan so when consultation starts, we want as many people as possible to read through our user-friendly summary guide and get their feedback to us.  

“They’ll be able to do this online or discuss any issues with a member of our review team.”   

The 30-year District Blueprint was approved last year, and 42 per cent of the initiatives in the blueprint will be achieved through the new District Plan.

“The current District Plan was developed in the mid-1990s and became operative in 2005. We are a very different community from what we were back in 1995 and the new District Plan will reflect that,” says Mrs Johnson.

The period for public comments will run from Monday 17 October to Friday 16 December.