Plastic-Free July

Plastic-Free July is a great opportunity to get into a new habit by choosing to refuse single-use plastic for the month.

Refuse to accept single-use plastic such as straws, plastic bags, disposable coffee cups and plastic water bottles.
Reduce the amount of plastic you throw out by taking reusable bags for shopping and using beeswax food-wraps. Also, if you’ve got the choice of buying something with plastic packaging or without, go with the product that doesn’t have packaging.
Reuse your recyclable materials in the home, from composting your food scraps and shredded paper to making plastic bottles into other useful products, like a watering can or plant pots. See where your creativity takes you!
Recycle glass bottles and jars, plastic containers 1-7 (excluding polystyrene and soft plastics), paper, cardboard and tin through the public recycling service at the kerbside or at your nearest transfer station. 

Not sure what can be recycled? Download our handy NPDC Rubbish and Recycling app or go to the recycling search on our website here.

For more information on Plastic-Free July and the changes you can make around the home, check out
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