Taranaki Environmental Education Trust

Taranaki Environmental Education Trust logo. The Taranaki Environmental Education Trust (the Trust) was established as a charitable trust in 1992 and has a rich history of implementing programmes in youth development, sustainability, conservation and community development in the Taranaki region.

As of 2015, the Trust has an all-new board, augmenting the level of experience and professionalism of the governing body. These trustees oversee the current programmes of the Trust, which are delivered by a team of experienced local coordinators and facilitators and actively foster sustainable communities in Taranaki.

A strategic partnership between the Trust and Council is a sound and cost-effective way of working towards Council’s identified key directions capitalising on the Trust’s established networks and expertise. The Trust counts on the support of regional partners like the Council to enable its work and to fill its unique and critical function within the community.

Current programmes of the Trust are the Taranaki Environment Centre, Sustainable Living Programme, Sustainable Backyards Taranaki, and Impact. 

Taranaki Environment Centre

Taranaki Environmental Education Trust logo Is a vibrant regional hub with a virtual presence which aims to provide and promote sustainability and environmental education through advocacy and action that fosters a sustainable and resilient future within the Taranaki region. Visit the Sustainable Taranaki Events Calendar, or follow them on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram to find out the latest happenings in our region.

Sustainable Backyards Taranaki

Sustainable Backyards logoInspires visitors and celebrates local efforts to live sustainable lifestyles and contribute to a more resilient community. The inaugural Taranaki ‘Trail ran alongside the annual Fringe and Powerco Garden Spectacular festivals in 2015 and was an unqualified success. The 2015 Trail involved 13 exciting properties with more than 1000 visitors recorded (still more went unrecorded). We have received numerous expressions of interest from local gardeners to participate in 2016 (above and beyond all of last year’s participants who are enthusiastic to be involved again) and widespread enthusiasm for a repeat (annual) events. There are 100 new Facebook ‘likes’ (now 575 total) since announcing the 2016 event. One enquirer said, “While our property isn't ready yet to enter into the event, it's in my 5 year plan to be part of it in the future”. A contribution to the budget for this event will ensure its viability this year and beyond. 


Impact logoImpact provides youth (ages 12-24) development through youth-led environmental and community based projects. Youth take their own ideas and turn them into action while being supported and mentored by facilitators. The programme is a unique initiative of the Trust and its success stems from the provision of ongoing mentoring for the participants as well as providing start-up funds to enable immediate action along with community engagement and connections. Projects are Taranaki-wide and involve youth from all walks of life. Projects typically run for 6-10 weeks with a long term outlook to encourage the youth to continue developing their ideas.

Sustainable Living Programme

Sustainable Living Programme logo. Workshops run by the Sustainable Living Programme are for those of us who are interested in becoming slightly 'greener', but aren't quite sure where to start. The SLP helps bring about change because it is not presented as lectures - it is based around fun, friendly discussions and hands-on learning. It suggests how small lifestyle changes in many households will add up to a make big difference to the New Zealand environment and the planet. Register to get the heads up on upcoming workshops, and sign up to our Facebook page for input into dates and facilitators.


Enviroschools logoEnviroschools is in partnership with the Taranaki Environmental Education Trust and aims to foster a generation of people who instinctively think and act sustainably. The Enviroschools kaupapa supports children and young people to plan, design and implement sustainability actions that are important to them and their communities.

More information about the Trust and its programmes can be found at on their website: www.sustainabletaranaki.org.nz

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