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Sustainable Taranaki works to inspire and support people, businesses and communities to value the environment and act to prioritize sustainability.



Sustainable Taranaki is run by the Taranaki Environmental Education Trust, and has been a leader in environmental education and practical sustainability skills development in the region since 1992.  We are a registered charity (Charities No. CC31884), with any profits re-invested into our programs to help Taranaki people live more sustainably.

We offer:

  • Workshopsthat demystify sustainability and give you hands-on skills to reduce your environmental impact.
  • Inspiration for your home and garden through our annualTaranaki Sustainable Backyards Trail.
  • Connection to events and opportunities in ourEvents Calendar,monthly newsletter,Facebook pageandInstagram
  • A community of support through a Sustainable Taranaki Community Facebook Group, monthly email updates, and face-to-face workshops, film nights and events.
  • Presentations, training and inspiration for your workplace team or group.
  • Support for young people to make a difference through ourIMPACTsustainability action incubator program.


Connect with our programs below. To receive our monthly newsletter and connect with sustainability-focused events and opportunities, sign up here.


Connect with us on Facebook and join our Sustainable Taranaki Community Group to receive inspiration and support in your next sustainable steps. You can also follow us on Instagram to be inspired on what’s possible for a more sustainable Taranaki!

Sustainable Taranaki Workshops Program

The Sustainable Taranaki Workshop Series helps to bring about change through practical sessions that empower people to live more sustainably. Workshops are always interactive, fun and informative, full of friendly discussions, hands-on learning, and take aways and action guides to support you to turn your learning into new habits.


Taranaki Sustainable Backyards Trail

Learn from some of the most inspiring backyards of Taranaki! From solar panels to bio-intensive vege gardens, the Trail offers a wide range of examples of what everyday people can to do to live a more sustainable life. This event runs alongside the Taranaki Garden Festival and Fringe Festival every Spring.


IMPACT Program

The IMPACT program is a youth action incubator, facilitating youth-led environmental projects that engage with, and give back to, the local community. Our facilitators focus on a strengths-based approach, supporting youth to develop their individual and team strengths, their interests and passions.

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