Proposed Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy

In August 2016, the Government amended the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 which means that councils throughout New Zealand can now decide to enable trading on Easter Sunday, by developing a policy.

Currently there are particular shops that can already trade on Easter Sunday. This includes dairies, service stations, takeaway food restaurants, restaurants, cafes, shops selling souvenirs, pharmacies, and garden centres.

We are proposing to enable Easter Sunday shop trading throughout the district. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to having a policy which allows trading on Easter Sunday. A policy would provide shops and employees with an extra day to earn money, it can promote tourism within the district and provides shop owners with the option to open and trade.

The disadvantages would be the loss of a 'non-work' day (usually Easter Sunday is considered a holiday), that there is less family time for employees and shop owners, and the religious significance of the day is not recognised in the same way.

There were three options we wanted to get your feedback on. 

Option 1 Trading on Easter Sunday is allowed throughout New Plymouth District
Allows all shops to open and trade on Easter Sunday. Shops have the option to open or not.

Option 2 Trading on Easter Sunday is allowed in particular parts of New Plymouth District
A policy can be tailored to take into account the requests of communities by allowing trading in some areas and not allowing it in others. For example, some communities may feel that they will benefit by opening on Easter Sunday as they may have a high number of travellers or tourists in their townships.

Option 3 No trading on Easter Sunday throughout New Plymouth District
Status quo remains allowing those businesses already exempt to continue to open. 

What's next

Status: Feedback has closed. A Council hearing will be held 6-10 March to hear submitters, deliberate and decide on whether to adopt a policy.

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