Proposed Beauty Therapy Tattooing and Skin Piercing Bylaw

Proposed Beauty Therapy, Tattooing and Skin Piercing Bylaw

We are reviewing our Beauty Therapy, Tattooing and Skin Piercing Bylaw as required by the Local Government Act 2002, and we want your feedback on the proposed changes.

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Status: Feedback closes at 5pm on Friday 6 October.


The proposed bylaw aims to fill the gap where there is no regulation. This means that those:

  • Who practice as health practitioners (such as doctors); or
  • Who practice as acupuncturists who are governed by Acupuncture NZ or the New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority; or
  • Who provide commercial ear-piercing at a pharmacy licenced by the Ministry of Health;

are exempted from the proposed bylaw as they are already subjected to standards higher than those minimums proposed by this bylaw and code of practice. 

The bylaw takes a risk-based approach. Unlike other industries such as food premises or hairdressers, there is no specific national regulation which manage these health risks. The Council considers that a bylaw is the most appropriate way to address this gap in regulation.

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