On-Street Dining Consultation

Status: Closed
Closed: 5pm, Wednesday 17 October 2018 

 On-street dining is a popular leisure activity that adds to the vibrancy of New Plymouth’s central city and other locations around the district. 

The draft update to the On-street Dining Policy and the new On-street Dining Guidelines look to improve the quality and experience of central business areas for both residents and visitors with better design and management of on-street dining areas. This new approach includes flexibility for individuality when designing on-street dining areas.

A highlight of the guidelines is the recognition of visually impaired pedestrians through the implementation of a consistent two metre wide pedestrian zone to enable safe, unimpeded movement along the street.

The main proposed updates to the policy are:

  • Emphasising that on-street dining is for eating food (with associated drinks).
  • Introducing a new licence duration of two years (maximum) with an annual review. 
  • Introducing an incentive of a 50 per cent discount on the annual licence fee by providing smokefree on-street dining areas.

View the updated policy and new guidelines: