Draft Annual Plan 2017/18

Status: A hearing to hear submitters speak to Councillors on their submission was held on Wednesday 7 June and a recording is available on our Meetings page. The final Annual Plan was adopted by Council on 26 June and will run from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018.

Background information

We wanted your feedback on two key proposals in the Draft Annual Plan for 2017/18:

1. New Plymouth Airport terminal project

A larger airport that shares our unique Taranaki story is being planned, to be funded by increased airport revenue. The original terminal was built in 1967 to cater for approximately 50,000 passengers per year and today’s passenger numbers are more like 420,000.

The terminal’s footprint would be enlarged from 1,430m2 to 4,092m2, following talks with commercial tenants who are expecting an increase in passengers numbers in the years ahead.

This larger terminal will meet commercial trends and will be paid for by increased airport revenue.

It will incorporate more sustainable building practices to reduce environmental impacts and operating costs. It will also promote our cultural history, which has been developed with Puketapu Hapu as part of the project team.

The price of the larger terminal is estimated to be between $21.7 million and $28.7m. As this is a commercial project, it will be paid for by the users of the airport through airline landing charges, tenant rents and car parking fees – no money will be coming from rates. There will also be no effect on the Council’s borrowing capacity or ‘AA’ credit rating.

An earlier and smaller design was costed at $19.3m. This updated costing allows for potential building material cost increases during construction, the additional floor area and the sustainability elements. New Plymouth Airport is the fourth busiest regional airport in the country and is the gateway to our region, supporting tourism and economic development.

2. Water supply (non-metered and metered)

Residential customers pay for their water service either through their rates (as a uniform annual charge) or by water meter. To bring these two payment systems onto a level playing field, we are reviewing the water fees and charges in the Annual Plan 2017/18.

If the proposed changes to the water rate are approved, residential households that use less than the district average of 226m3 of water per year would pay less through voluntarily switching to a water meter.

The two payment methods for water rates are:

  • Pay the uniform annual charge (UAC) – this is a fixed lump sum regardless of how much or how little water you use. This sum is based on the average use of all residential households in the district.
  • Pay by water meter – you pay a unit rate for each cubic metre of water you use, so you only pay for what you use.

We are proposing to change the way these two rates are charged so that if you use an average amount of water, it will cost the same whichever way you choose to pay. If you have a water meter and you use less than the average amount, you will pay less.

As the proposed changes to the targeted water rate vary from the Long- Term Plan 2015-2025, we are seeking your feedback as to whether or not the proposed changes should be adopted for Annual Plan 2017/18.

The Government is requiring everyone to conserve water as per the National Fresh Water Reforms – and New Plymouth District residents are among the highest water users in the country.

Uniform Annual Charge (UAC)  Current    Proposed   
UAC based on average use of 226m3 per household  $246.54  $260.82 


Water by Meter (up to 50,000m3) made up of two parts   Current    Proposed   
a) Supply charge $126.54 $10.00
b) Charge per cubic metre of water $1.08 $1.11
Total (based on average use of 226m3 per household) $370.62 $260.88


Water by Meter (more than 50,000m3) made up of two parts    Current    Proposed   
a) Supply charge $126.54 $10.00
b) Charge per cubic metre of water $1.10 $1.13
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