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What is the Draft District Plan?
The District Plan controls the way land is used, developed and subdivided. It helps determine where activities can take place, and how land can be used and developed. It seeks to manage natural and physical resources that are important in the district and to ensure that environmental qualities and values are safeguarded for future generations to enjoy.

The rules of the District Plan set out the activities you can do as of right (permitted activities) and the activities that you need resource consent for.

Under the Resource Management Act 1991 (Act) every local authority in New Zealand must have a district plan. District plans are important as they identify key resource management issues, what the community wants done about the issues and ways to achieve the outcomes the community wants. The Council is required to review its District Plan every 10 years.

Draft District Plan objectives, policies, rules and planning maps have been developed as proposals for you to consider. We want to know if we are on the right track before we move into the next phase of releasing a Proposed District Plan.

This is your opportunity to become involved in setting the future directions for the district.

What is the URL for the Draft District Plan?

How does the District Plan Review process work?

What is the URL for the Feedback tool?

How do I give feedback?
Go to the Draft District Plan ( and use the “Provide Feedback” links.
Email us at or send us a letter at New Plymouth District Council, 84 Liardet Street, Private Bag 2025, New Plymouth 4342.

Do I have to log in to provide feedback?
No. You can choose to provide feedback as a guest – this means that you will not need to register and create a password.  If you provide feedback as a guest, you will not be able to save a draft version of your feedback or log in later to see your previous feedback submissions.
If you register and create a password, you will be able to come back later to see previous feedback and you will be able to save draft feedback to complete at a later time.

I can’t remember my login details for the feedback form.
There is a ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page (  If you click this link and follow the instructions, you will be sent an email with a secure link to reset your password.

How do I find a property in the Draft District Plan?
To search for a property you have two options:

1. Using text search
Start typing an address into the search box, and you will start to see possible matches appear below. Possible matches will reduce the more you type.
Addresses with a letter should be entered with a space between the number and letter (e.g. 32 A). Unit addresses should be entered with spaces and a hyphen (e.g. 1 – 22).
Once you see the property you want, either click or use the up/down arrows keys to highlight it and hit enter.

2. Using the Map
To zoom in or out, either use the mouse wheel or use the ”+” or “-” buttons (top left of the map).
To scroll around the map, click and hold and drag the mouse in the desired direction.
Once you have found the property you want on the screen, click on it, and it will highlight the boundary.
Details for the selected property will display in the left-hand panel next to the map.

Map Tools
You can turn map layers on and off using the checkboxes. Click the black arrow next to a layer group to see the layers below it.
To change the transparency of the layers and see details from the base maps, click and drag the Transparency slider.
You can choose different base maps by clicking on the thumbnail image of your preferred map.

Measurement Tool
Open the Measurement section by clicking on the black arrow next to “Measurement”. Select one of the tools to measure area, distance or location.
To start the measure: click on the map, and continue clicking to add more measurement points. To finish measuring, double-click on the last point you want to measure.
You cannot select properties while in measure mode, so to exit, click on the Measurement title to close.

Something isn’t working or I need help
Please contact New Plymouth District Council on 06-759 6060 or

I have a question about the Draft District Plan

Please contact a New Plymouth District Council on 06-759 6060 or

I have a question about my property
Please contact New Plymouth District Council on 06-759 6060 or

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