Executive Leadership Team

The elected Council is responsible for employing the Chief Executive. Its principal relationship is with the Chief Executive.

The Chief Executive is responsible for establishing and maintaining the operational structure of the Council. A group of senior managers, who are called the “Executive Leadership Team”, manage key portfolio areas. 

Council staff provide the elected Council with policy advice and implement policies under the direction of the Chief Executive. They decide the operational approach needed to complete the Council’s policies and to achieve the results the Council wants.

Councillors cannot direct Council staff. 

Craig Stevenson 

Craig Stevenson

Position: Chief Executive

Email: craig.stevenson@npdc.govt.nz

Craig is the Chief Executive at New Plymouth District Council and is responsible for the overall management of the organisation. 

The Executive Leadership Team comprises of Group Manager Strategy, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Group Manager Organisational Development, Business Transformation Manager and the External Relations and Communications Manager.




Alan Bird Chief Financial Officer.

Alan Bird

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Email: alan.bird@npdc.govt.nz

Areas: Information Management, Information Technology/Systems, Geodata Information Systems, Legal Services, Property Assets, Procurement, Finance, CCO Performance, Investments, Audit and Risk




Kelvin Wright. Kelvin Wright

Position: Chief Operating Officer

Email: Kelvin.Wright@npdc.govt.nz

Kelvin is a member of the Executive Leadership Team, and as Chief Operating Officer he leads the Council's Operations Group.

The Operations Group leads and co-ordinates the delivery of integrated services that are responsive to community and customer requirements. These are Customer and Regulatory Solutions, Infrastructure and Recreation and Culture.

The teams in the group are Compliance, Building Services, Environmental Planning, Development, Customer Services, Water and Waste, Transportation, Projects, Asset Operations Planning, Govett Brewster/Len Lye, Puke Ariki, Events and Venues, Parks and Open Spaces.



Andrea Smith Manager People and Organisation Development.

Andrea Smith

Position: Manager People and Organisation Development 

Email: andrea.smith@npdc.govt.nz

Andrea is a member of the Executive Leadership Team, her focus is organisational development which is a deliberately planned organisation wide effort to increase NPDC’s efficiency and effectiveness. 

Andrea is responsible for the People and Wellbeing Team who lead and co-ordinate the Council's human resources and health and safety programmes.   



Liam Hodgetts Group Manager Strategy.

Liam Hodgetts

Position: Group Manager Strategy 

Email: liam.hodgetts@npdc.govt.nz

Liam is a member of the Executive Leadership Team, and as Group Manager Strategy he leads the strategy and planning functions of Council. 

The Strategy Group leads and co-ordinates the Council's annual and long-term plan responsibilities, 30-year Blueprint spatial plan, infrastructure plan and district plan. It also provides governance and administrative support to Community Boards, Council and the Mayor’s office.

The teams in the group are District Planning, Policy, Community Partnerships, Iwi Relationships and Infrastructure Planning and Governance.

Jacqueline Baker External Relations and Communications Manager. Jacqueline Baker

Position: External Relations and Communications Manager

Email: jacqueline.baker@npdc.govt.nz

Jacqueline is a member of the Executive Leadership Team, her focus is the reputation management of the Council. She is responsible for the Marketing and Communications Teams.


Linley O'Neill

Position: Executive Assistant to Chief Executive

Email: linley.oneill@npdc.govt.nz

Linley is a member of the Executive Leadership Team and as Executive Assistant she is responsible for working in partnership with the Chief Executive and the Executive Leadership Team to improve business performance through proactive executive support.