Contractor Information

All our contractors (including contractors' sub-contractors) are required to go through an approval process to evaluate their health and safety management system and qualifications before they can tender or be considered for work.

Once a contractor has health and safety pre-approval they are able to be considered for work.

Contractor's list

This list shows current and expired approvals. When an entry expires, normally after two years, a renewal form is issued about a month prior to the expiry date. If a renewal form requires reissue or if you have any other related query please contact us.

See our NPDC Contractor's List.

What's involved?

Complete the applicable form and return it to us.

Water and Wastewater Connections Contractor Forms and Information

In addition to the Health and Safety pre-qualification forms above, all contractors who need to work on our Water and Wastewater network must fill in the following forms.

Please complete the application forms and return it to



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